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Who are the people behind Experience Anatomy?

Thursday, May 27, 2021

You may know us from our Instagram page, or from attending a course at our facility. Or maybe you read an article about our founder, or we came to your school.

You can peruse our website to find out that our people are talented, industry professionals who care about the services we deliver, but let’s pull the curtain back a little bit more..

.. with Two Truths and a Lie. Meet our team below and guess who’s lying about what!

Jamie, CEO & Founder:

  • My husband and I were engaged for 24 hours before being married
  • I’ve seen every episode of Six Feet Under
  • I have three kids ages 5 and under (and just got a new puppy)

Rachel, Director of Academic Programs:

  • I can do splits
  • I can lick my elbow
  • I’ve been on more than 100 scuba diving trips

Charlie, Director of Donations:

  • I’ve been stabbed 4 times
  • I’ve chartered a boat on which everyone got seasick but me
  • I’ve been sky diving once

Tamberlyn, Director of Business Development:

  • I have bungeed off a hot air balloon
  • I have been swimming with sharks
  • I got camel sick riding a camel in the dunes of the desert

Drew, Director of Accounting:

  • I grew up skateboarding
  • I don’t spend any time watching tv
  • I just got a new puppy

Caroline, Lab Associate:

  • I like to shower in the dark
  • I brush my teeth with hot water
  • I dated the wide receiver for the Eagles in 2017

Fauna, Academic Program Specialist:

  • I was a submission wrestler
  • I was born a conjoined twin
  • I was born at home

Ben, Sales and Marketing Intern:

  • I grew up playing tennis
  • I’ve watched 7 seasons of Married at First Sight
  • I have interned with 2 physical therapists

It can be easy to forget that the person negotiating that contract, or presenting a sales deck, or delivering complicated content is also an interesting, unique individual with families and hobbies and past experiences and future dreams.

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Catch you next time!

The Lies:

  • Jamie has never seen an episode of Six Feet Under, but appreciates that people like the show.
  • Rachel cannot do splits, despite being flexible.
  • Charlie has never been skydiving, although he would.
  • Tam did not get camel sick, but recently had some close encounters with wild animals.
  • Drew does not have a puppy. He thought about getting one, but quickly changed his mind after petsitting for a friend.
  • Caroline does not like brushing her teeth with hot water.
  • Fauna is not a conjoined twin, but a singleton.
  • Ben did not grow up playing tennis, he’s a soccer player.