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Frequently Asked Questions

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Your Questions, Answered

How much does it cost to participate in Experience Anatomy programming?

Experience Anatomy is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We recognize that needs vary significantly depending on the audience, their level of knowledge and the program end goal. We offer a pricing matrix that allows you to select the type and duration of programming and the resources required to deliver the curriculum. Connect with us for details.

Is the Experience Anatomy facility outfitted with all surgical instruments and equipment?

We provide full-service planning and execution for training events. Our team works with you to create and provide a successful event for you and your participants. If a piece of equipment or instrumentation is not on site, we will work with you to procure.

Can you provide hotel recommendations/corporate discounts as well as transportation and catering options?

Experience Anatomy can offer a corporate rate for a hotel located within 5 minutes of our facility. We have numerous recommendations for catering based on your budget and number of participants and will be happy to provide support for all aspects of travel.

Where do the cadaveric tissue specimens come from?

Tissue provided by Experience Anatomy is obtained with informed consent of donor, or donor next-of-kin, and in compliance with all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations. Approved protocols, proof of tissue sources, and consent forms will be maintained and available. Our fresh tissue specimens are procured through the Experience Anatomy Foundation, our non-profit whole body donation program that provides tissue for use in training, research and education.

Are the specimens tested for disease?

Yes, all specimens are screened and tested for HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, covid-19 and any other diseases specifically requested.

How are the cadaver specimens preserved?

Experience Anatomy has developed a proprietary soft-embalming technique that is formaldehyde-free and retains pliability and natural color, yielding the tissue ideal for surgical and skills-based training.

Where do the plastinated specimens come from?

All plastinated specimens are sourced through the Institute for Plastination in Guben, Germany. Every specimen curated was donated to the Institute for Plastination for the purposes of anatomy education.

Are the anatomical specimens provided by Experience Anatomy real?

Yes. Our education and training courses feature cadaveric tissue and plastinated tissue.

How are the plastinated specimens preserved?

All specimens are preserved through the process of plastination, which yields tissue that is dry, non-toxic and odorless. If proper care is taken, plastinated specimens will last indefinitely.

Can I donate my body to Experience Anatomy?

No, Experience Anatomy does not accept donations. All donations can be made through our non-profit division, the Experience Anatomy Foundation.

How can I engage with Experience Anatomy?

There are numerous ways to get hands-on, minds-in with Experience Anatomy. Rent our venue, utilize our educational resources, or train with us. We offer professional development, continuing educationcurriculum development, and numerus dissection based courses.

Can I request custom programming?

Yes! We frequently custom create or co-construct – and co-facilitate – education and training programming.

Since human tissue cannot legally be bought or sold, what is the tissue service fee?

Our service fees include the costs associated with transportation, preservation, processing, storage and disposition of tissue. All service-related fees will be invoiced for each individual request. Experience Anatomy will provide estimates in advance as fees are subject to change. All service fees are final at invoicing.

I have an idea for a program or have relevant expertise to offer, can I get in touch?

Yes, please reach out. We’ve dreamed up a lot of exciting programs and unexpected partnerships, but there’s no limit to the education and training opportunities afforded by our anatomical resources.

Who is your target market?

Our clients most frequently include those in medical device developmenthealthcare professionalseducationprehospital care, and the military, but we’ve been known to pop up in breweries, libraries, museums, festivals and all sorts of surprising places.

Where is Experience Anatomy located?

Our training facility is located 4340 Taggart Creek Road, Suite D, Charlotte, NC 28208 – just five minutes from Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.

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